Leg and Foot Massage

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A short massage treatment concentrated on the legs and feet which bear all of the weight of our daily lives and also connect us to the earth.

Specific oils are used to help release tension and soothe tight and sore muscles.

What happens?

Sadie will ask what type of pressure you like, then ask you to turn onto your front and begin the massage with one foot before moving on to the remainder of each leg in turn.

You can expect approximately 10 minutes spent on the backs of the legs then a further 10 minutes on the front.


Easing of soreness in the feet relieving specific aches and pains but also helping your whole body relax.

Releasing of tension in the muscles and increasing blood flow to re-energise your legs.

Hydrating and nourishing of dry skin with the application of oils.

Treatment time 20 minutes

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